New! "Exploring with Custer: The 1874 Black Hills Expedition" Revised 4th Edition (2023)

Coming soon! Pre-order your book now, and I'll ship to you by July 1, 2023. Sample pages below. See what's new in this edition here.

There are two cover options:

1. Hard Cover Limited Edition: 1,000 copies only, individually signed and numbered by authors Ernest Grafe and Paul Horsted. $99.00. 

2.  Soft Cover Edition: $49.00

The books are 8.5x11 inches in size, in FULL COLOR with 336 pages, 260 photographs and 135 maps. Softcover: ISBN-13 978-0-9718053-9-2, $49.00 retail. Hard cover, signed/numbered edition of 1,000 copies: ISBN-13 978-0-971053-8-5, $99.00.

If I can help in any way please send an email or call me at 605.673.3685 during normal business hours. Thank you!

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